Dear Mike... With Love from the South African Expats

Dear Mike… With Love from the South African Expats

By SAPeople 18-07-21 18:56

In response to businessman Mike Abel’s letter to South Africans abroad, passionate SA activist in London – Hayley Reichert – has penned the following letter. PLEASE NOTE: *Disclaimer: this is an opinion piece* Dear Mike… with love from the expats. A response to Mike Abel’s open letter to the expats of South Africa. Read Mike’s […]

Gary Player

Micah Reddy: My Dad, Gary Player and Redemption

By SAPeople 08-01-21 17:48

As opinions in SA are divided over 85-year-old South African golf legend Gary Player’s acceptance of President Donald Trump’s Presidential Medal of Freedom yesterday, just a day after violent riots at Capitol Hill where four people died, South African investigative journalist Micah Reddy weighed in on Friday afternoon with the following thread on Twitter. Reddy […]


SA Mom Hits Social Media Nail on Head: Stop Vilifying Celebs, Focus on Leaders

By SAPeople 01-01-21 12:37

Anyone following the Ellen Degeneres story? In short, our Be Kind hero was found to be lacking in leadership skills, and some staff outed her for an unhappy work environment… writes Kim Nicola Stephens (a Cape Town mom of three, and Sport & outdoor communication consultant). Then it escalated to racism, and paedophilia and eating children. I’m […]

SAA South African Airways

Cape Town Mom Asks: How Do I Emigrate and Leave My Daughter Behind?

By SAPeople 14-08-20 16:51

My name is Jayne Fraser*, and I’m reaching out to SAPeople readers as I am facing a crossroads in my life. I live in Cape Town with my husband and younger daughter, Suzi. Suzi graduated last year and is concentrating on her career in the arts. My eldest daughter, Marianne lives in the city where […]

Nelson Mandela Marc Lubner

Marc Lubner: My Fondest Memory Of Madiba

By Guest Contributor 18-07-20 09:51

It was a beautiful day when Nelson Mandela and I met at his home in the late 1990s to brainstorm the programme of the Smile Foundation, writes Marc Lubner, one of SA’s leading philanthropists and Group CEO of Afrika Tikkun. As we fired off ideas at one another, our former president fell quiet for a […]

sam cowen

Sam Cowen: Let’s Remember to Be Kind SA

By Guest Contributor 14-07-20 18:05

I think a lot of us were reeling yesterday from the President’s speech on Sunday night, writes Sam Cohen. Let’s remember today to be kind. If you have a friend who is a drinker, please be kind, they are angry and hurt. If you haven’t seen your family in months, please be kind to people […]

The Big Medical Aid Heist in South Africa?

By SAPeople Contributor 22-06-20 21:32

The big medical aid heist? To replace my current lenses will cost R6,000 – of which #Bankmed will ONLY pay R1,500 – thus leaving me to pay R4,500 out of MY own pocket… writes Gauteng publicist and regular SAPeople contributor Georg Knoke. Some background: I’m on one of the highest levels of medical aid cover, […]


Gus Silber: Three Athletes on a Podium… Then and Now

By SAPeople Contributor 24-12-20 12:18

This is one of the most iconic images in sporting history. It was shot by John Dominis, for Life magazine, during the medal ceremony for the men’s 200-metre sprint, at the Summer Olympics in Mexico City in October 1968… writes South African journalist and scriptwriter Gus Silber. In the middle, wearing the gold, is Tommie […]

back to school dilemma south africa 2

The Back to School Dilemma for South African Parents

By Guest Contributor 29-05-20 14:01

I liked this ‘Back to School’ image because what I would really love right now is a road sign telling me exactly what direction to take… says South African GP Dr Rosie Carey (known as Dr Rosie to patients). Instead, my internal compass resembles one of those old city maps of Granada, with crooked narrow […]

president cyril ramaphosa backlash

Backlash to President Ramaphosa’s Speech Shocks Several South Africans

By SAPeople 14-05-20 16:21

The avalanche of cruel, thoughtless, badly informed, often racist sh*t after Cyril Ramaphosa’s latest speech leaves me astounded, angry, deeply saddened… writes well known motoring journalist, Peter Frost. Rational people who I believed to be considerate human beings overcome by the seduction of conspiracy after conspiracy. It’s as if a huge chunk of South Africa […]

wealth tax south africa thecon

Why South Africa Needs a Wealth Tax Now

By SAPeople 29-04-20 07:38

The consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown are yet to be fully determined and understood. But one thing we can be fairly certain of – in South Africa its impact will be shaped by the country’s inequalities. Our study reveals that half of the adult population survives with near-zero savings, while 3,500 individuals own 15% of […]


The Funniest Response to Stage Four Mixed Signals

By Guest Contributor 27-04-20 20:37

No one knows what is going on. So many versions of Level Four have circulated that we all have whiplash, and if you didn’t have an anxiety disorder before, you sure as shit have it now… writes Kim Nicola Stephens. Runners got their shoes all ready and prepped and then someone said NO JOGGING and […]

poem president ramaphosa tired covid 19 support south africa

Poignant Message from SA Mom: “My President, You’re Tired”

By SAPeople 22-04-20 16:33

Many South Africans are feeling despondent, nervous about the unemployment ahead and wondering what the covid-19 ‘fuss’ was about… not realising that “only” 58 dead is because the President made a brave call for an early lockdown, averting the tragic fatal statistics seen in countries like Italy and Spain. And last night, watching President Cyril […]

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