Sun, Apr 11, 2021

A South African Story: Denzel Washington in the Northern Cape

Here's a heartwarming story from MARIKA VAN HEERDEN who was visiting the Douglas Spar in the Northern Cape, South Africa, when she met a...

‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – We Remember Hillbrow

Hillbrow, Jo’burg’s inner city Tenderloin district, was never a nest of angels... In the late 1970s and 80s, it was the most cosmopolitan piece of...

South Africans are feeling goooooood!

The patriotism has been overflowing in South Africa. Despite South Africa's hopes of winning the World Cup rapidly dwindling, spirits are still high. Here...
edwin cameron on stigma in south africa

Former ConCourt Judge: How We Internalise Stigma and Shame

There are many forms of hatred and exclusion in our world. There is fear of strangers, fear of foreigners, fear of other races, fear...

SA People Love Story… Spirit of the Great Heart PHOTOS

As some SAPeople followers may recall, regular SAPeople contributor MARGUERITE DE VILLIERS met someone through the site two years ago, on Heritage Day, after she shared photos...
Sweetheart Bridge

Soweto Pensioner Builds “A Bridge For My Sweetheart” After She Was...

To take the shortest route to the shops and to school, shack dwellers of Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement in Soweto had to cross a...

Letter to South Africa’s President From Bloemfontein Mom About Last Night

A Bloemfontein mother's open letter to the SA president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is striking a chord with South Africans around the nation. Writing in Afrikaans,...
Chris Moerdyk on Meeting Queen Elizabeth II

Chris Moerdyk on Meeting Queen Elizabeth II: ‘You Gotta Love Lizzie’

I really enjoyed watching four days of Sky News coverage of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations (in 2012). You have to admit that when it...
union buildings, pretoria

‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – Pretoria Blues

It was May, 1976...and as a lowly young reporter for the Pretoria News, I discovered that Siberia comes in many forms. Because I had disgraced...

Feel Something from South African Singer in the USA

Zarni de Wet has a beautiful voice. American musician John Mayer says  "I just want to hear it again". And we thought you may...