Search Team Rescues Stranded Dog on Table Mountain

By SAPeople Contributor 19-06-20 00:46

The successful rescue of a dog stranded on Table Mountain has gone viral in South Africa. During a time when the nation is yearning for good news, this beautiful story hit the spot. The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon, 16 June, when Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) were activated just before 15h00 by a […]

stone sculptures kalk bay

Sipho and the Stunning Stone Statues in Kalk Bay, South Africa

By Jenni Baxter 11-06-20 23:22

For anyone who’s been lucky enough to visit Dalebrook Tidal Pool in Kalk Bay, South Africa, recently – they would have witnessed the breathtaking – almost spiritual – scene of stone sculptures rising stoically against the backdrop of  the beautiful Western Cape skyline. There are at least 50 of them, created with love by a […]

edwin cameron on stigma in south africa

Former ConCourt Judge: How We Internalise Stigma and Shame

By SAPeople 04-12-19 13:01

There are many forms of hatred and exclusion in our world. There is fear of strangers, fear of foreigners, fear of other races, fear of people with other languages, cultures or religions… says former ConCourt judge Edwin Cameron. On the basis of many of these fears, we build exclusions. We ostracise people. We push them […]


Still Passionate About SA Life After Cancer and Crime

By SAPeople 29-11-19 14:14

Three years ago, I had just survived an extremely rare form of brain cancer that put me in a group of less than 120 recorded survivors in the history of the planet… writes renowned South African speaker, endurance athlete and stage four cancer survivor Richard Wright. Earlier that year when I was told that I […]

johannesburg-kidnapping south africa

Parents’ Frightening Kidnapping Ordeal on Friday Evening in South Africa

By SAPeople 17-11-19 16:07

I am not sure how to tell this in a FB-length post, at least at the level of emotional turbulence with which this happened… writes award-winning South African novelist, playwright and journalist Steven Sidley. On Friday night we have a dinner party [in Johannesburg, South Africa]. A few friends over for chicken and wine. Seven […]

South African’s List of ‘Life Lessons’ That We Can All Learn From

By SAPeople 01-01-21 13:03

Cindy September, Western Cape creator of the Fallen Angels’ List (which pays tribute to those who have been killed in South Africa), has compiled another List today – on her 40th birthday – that celebrates life. As she reached this latest milestone in her life, Cindy asked herself: What lessons have I learned? “Here’s my […]

A Canadian Expat in SA: In Defense of South Africa

By Phil Maloney, Maple & Marula 04-09-19 13:53

Dear South Africans – many of you have had enough with the crime, corruption, and lack of opportunities you face every day… writes Canadian expat, living in SA, Phil Maloney. Nobody can fault you for wanting to leave. I’ve had several friends already pull the trigger, several more who are in the middle of planning […]

Trevor Romain: Kindness is Contagious

By Trevor Romain 03-07-19 12:01

Kindness is contagious. Especially with children, writes South African expat, best-selling author and motivational speaker Trevor Romain. It’s amazing how empathetic children can be, especially when inspired to be so. Over the years of working with children, I have discovered that sometimes all a child needs, to be empathetic and kind, is permission and a […]

Lunch with One of the Karoo’s Most Beautiful Flowers

By Julienne du Toit 05-06-19 19:10

Lizzy was born on the other side of town, on a farm called Noorspoort, owned by the legendary Craven family. “I learnt from my mother how to bake and cook. She in turn learnt it from old Mrs Maria Craven, [rugby legend] Doc Danie Craven’s wife. “Later on I worked on another farm at Baroe, […]

The Way We Lived: The Graffiti of Apartheid

By SAPeople Contributor 03-04-19 18:23

This post will serve as a reminder of how our lives were blighted by apartheid whose graffiti was everywhere. And I mean everywhere! Also every day! It was relentless… writes author Shadley Fataar. The pictures used to represent a small selection of the many signs we were exposed to on a daily basis. A picture is worth a thousand […]

Film of Riel Dancing and South African Expat (82) Headed to US Festival

By Jennie Glover 27-02-19 17:51

82-year-old South African-born Elsa Perez stars in the documentary called “Get Riel” featuring Perez dancing as well as footage sent through by South African riel dancers. The Sunnyside Up Film Festival in Ardmore Oklahoma, USA will be screening ‘Get Riel’ next month in its competition, and you can show your support by voting on their […]

SA Budget – Stepped Up Infrastructure Programme Aims to Partner With Private Sector

By SAPeople Contributor 20-02-19 16:23

Government’s Infrastructure Fund is set to receive a R100 billion over the next decade as the state steps up its infrastructure programme by partnering with the private sector. “Government is stepping up its infrastructure build programme by partnering with the private sector, development finance institutions and multilateral development banks to create an infrastructure fund,” said […]

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