trevor romain

Trevor Romain: Remembering the Corner Cafe in South Africa

By Trevor Romain 22-12-20 16:26

When we were young and the days were long, the corner cafe was the place to meet and greet and make up and break up… writes South African expat, author and motivational speaker Trevor Romain. It was the place where you stole at least one piece of liquorice or one of those yellow plastic sherberts […]

Afrikaans Author’s Poignant Message for Hector Pieterson

By SAPeople 17-06-18 22:54

As South Africa marked Youth Day on Saturday 16 June 2018, Sophia Kapp – an author and language practitioner from Pretoria – wrote the following moving message for Hector Pieterson, the 12-year-old boy who was fatally wounded during the Soweto Riots 42 years ago, and whose image was immortalised in the iconic photo by the […]

Trevor Romain: The Old Lady, An Anglia and My Springboks Match

By Trevor Romain 20-05-18 16:28

Playing international rugby for your country is a wonderful thing, writes Trevor Romain. I loved representing the Springboks. My friend who was an All Black, felt the same. We played against each other a number of times. He was a little stronger than me but I was a little faster. And although we were good […]

Foreign Photographer’s Tragic Discovery During South African Safari

By SAPeople 01-05-18 16:34

Rupak Hattikudur moved to South Africa from India three years ago. In that time he has taken beautiful photographs of South Africa’s wildlife in the bush… BUT yesterday he witnessed the other side of what’s happening in the bush to our wildlife. The tragedy of poaching. This is his story… My mother and I woke […]

South African Farmers: Bulletproof Vests, Pistols and Panic Buttons

By SAPeople 03-07-18 12:57

Pieter and Nelia are newly wed farmers living near Parys in a region of South Africa known as the Free State… writes Jenny Wallace. Here sheep are known as “Free State takeaways”, referring to how often and easily sheep are stolen to feed the desperate. However the level of violence associated with these thefts has escalated. […]

Trevor Romain: The Old Man, The Bicycle & Sunlight Soap

By Trevor Romain 30-03-18 20:30

For a number of reasons, round about this week every year, I share this life-changing experience… writes Trevor Romain. One reason I post it annually is so that I remember to read it again because it’s something I don’t ever want to forget: It happened a long time ago. A time when people actually did […]

Knysna Folk Help Talented Local Follow His Opera Dreams to Germany

By SAPeople Contributor 12-12-17 17:40

The Knysna community has been rallying behind talented musician – Xolane Marman – to ensure he can fly to Germany to undertake a prestigious opera training programme. And this week he will be giving two unmissable benefit concerts to raise further funds. Recognising his talent and potential, Xolane was chosen from numerous gifted international students to […]

Is This the Answer to South Africa’s Entrepreneurial Woes?

By SAPeople 09-12-17 20:12

A Durban-born company has come up with an amazing concept. Perhaps a cure for the ails of entrepreneurship and a way to kick-start some amazing businesses into South Africa’s economy. Big Box has only been around for just over a year. But this team is taking no prisoners in their goal of igniting an entrepreneurial […]

chris barnard

How A Historic Heart Transplant Created A Celebrity Scientist 50 Years Ago

By Guest Contributor 30-11-17 14:29

South Africa’s Chris Barnard stands out in medical history as the heart surgeon who became a global household name after transplanting the first human heart on 3 December 1967. The historic surgery captured the world’s imagination and was hailed by 20th-century historians as socially and scientifically of equal significance compared to the moon-landing in 1969. I examined […]


Why I Moved From the World’s Most Liveable City to Johannesburg

By Guest Contributor 14-09-17 11:19

“Why on earth would you do that?” It was the question that surprised me from many Australians who thought I was mad to move to South Africa… writes Ed Charles. After all, isn’t Australia full of South Africans trying to escape that terrible country (and crime-ridden Johannesburg in particular)? Well, not quite. But let’s rewind […]

JOHNNY CLEGG: The Final Journey…

By Marguerite Coetzee 03-05-17 13:54

Johnny Clegg is embarking on his final world tour – The Final Journey… after nearly 40 years enjoying one of music’s most remarkable careers. Below one of his biggest fans – whose life has been shaped by his music and anthropological background – pays tribute… In a statement Wednesday, it was revealed Johnny was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 […]

SA People Love Story… Spirit of the Great Heart PHOTOS

By SAPeople Contributor 10-10-16 09:59

As some SAPeople followers may recall, regular SAPeople contributor MARGUERITE DE VILLIERS met someone through the site two years ago, on Heritage Day, after she shared photos with SAPeople’s Facebook page. And now, two years later – also on Heritage Day – the couple got engaged! Here are the photos set to Johnny Clegg’s ‘Spirit of the Great Heart’… A […]


Zanzibar Dreaming – A South African’s First Visit

By Marguerite Coetzee 31-12-20 20:08

Flying over the ocean blue to an island called Unguja, I imagined Zanzibar to be a stereotypical island paradise – bleached beaches, coconuts falling from palm trees, sickly sweet pineapple drinks with those unnecessary little umbrellas – but with the influence of Africa, slavery, and the spice route. Water like liquid sapphire Captures fragments of […]

the journey man

Diamond Cowboys of Port Nolloth

By Chris Marais 29-08-16 15:04

Decades ago and deep in the Namaqualand desert at a point between Springbok, Steinkopf and the sea, a Cape Town housewife with a squeaky voice steals our hearts. This mommy from the suburbs has requested a tune that plays into our early years, way before Disco, Johnny Rotten, Duran Duran and Really Big Hair stole […]

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