SA Budget – Stepped Up Infrastructure Programme Aims to Partner With Private Sector

By SAPeople Contributor 20-02-19 16:23

Government’s Infrastructure Fund is set to receive a R100 billion over the next decade as the state steps up its infrastructure programme by partnering with the private sector. “Government is stepping up its infrastructure build programme by partnering with the private sector, development finance institutions and multilateral development banks to create an infrastructure fund,” said […]

SA Budget Speech – Eskom Reconfiguration Set in Motion

By SAPeople Contributor 20-02-19 15:29

Work is afoot to reconfigure the South African electricity sector by addressing challenges faced by Eskom, with the board of the first subsidiary of the power utility to be appointed by mid-2019, Treasury said on Wednesday. Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) last month in which he announced government’s plan to […]

Small South African Town’s Ladies Restroom Says it With Flowers

By Jennie Glover 20-02-19 12:19

BP employee Beverley Plaaitjies has taken it upon herself to beautify the ladies restroom at BP Buffeljagsrivier with flowers. According to BP Buffeljagsrivier Manager Maraine Klein, it was all her idea and so she brings flowers from home or borrows from locals to create her floral bouquets – and as if that is not enough, she […]

South African Sculpture Impresses at Botswana Lodge

By Jennie Glover 25-11-19 23:15

South African George Knoke visited Sethare Lodge in Botswana and came across this astounding piece of art by Angus Van Zyl Taylor called Reflective Resonance. Georg commented on his Facebook page: “The logistics to get this sculpture here from South Africa- across the border into Botswana- must have been a massive challenge! The stone sculpture […]

A Global Valentine’s Plea to Set Free Lammie the Lonely Elephant

By SAPeople Contributor 15-02-19 16:51

People from around the world, including international celebrities Joanna Lumley, Evanna Lynch and Jan Leeming, pleaded with the Johannesburg Zoo to have a heart on Valentine’s Day and agree to free Lammie, a 39-year old female elephant who lives a lonely existence since her mate Kinkel died in September. Animal protection groups Humane Society International/Africa, […]

South Africa’s Madiba Freed On This Day in History

By SAPeople Contributor 11-02-19 15:12

On this day in 1990, Nelson Mandela left Victor Verster Prison in Cape Town a free man, after spending 27 years in prison. Accompanied by his then-wife Winnie, Mandela was enthusiastically received by the throngs of people who gathered to see him outside Cape Town’s City Hall. Mandela spent 18 years on Robben Island and […]

Sport Coach an Unsung Hero in Delft

By SAPeople Contributor 08-02-19 09:51

Merlin Mosoko has trained dozens of children to play basketball. “Here we don’t only play basketball. We are also taught about the dangers of substance abuse and other life skills,” says Allen Chisvo, a grade 12 learner at Leiden High School in Delft, Cape Town. “My dream is to become a software developer and play […]

Angels’ Work in the Karoo, South Africa

By Julienne du Toit 07-02-19 16:00

Ivonne Gentle has been looking after dying dear ones since she was six years old, when the first of her three sisters passed away from cancer… writes Julienne du Toit. By the time her third sister succumbed in 2000, Ivonne and her husband Tommie had moved from Gauteng to the little Northern Cape settlement of […]

Brave Secunda Schoolboy Saves Fellow Pupil From Being Robbed

By SAPeople Contributor 06-02-19 18:19

On the way to school on Tuesday, 29 January, Dylan Harris saved a fellow pupil from harm while walking to school. The attacker tried to steal Christine’s mobile. On Tuesday, January 29, Dylan Harris was riding his bicycle to school when he saw fellow student of Secunda High School, Christine Gazi being attacked while walking […]

Nitanja Steyn: The Yearning of a South African Heart

By SAPeople Contributor 05-02-19 09:04

South African expat Nitanja Steyn has lived in the Netherlands, the US and Germany since leaving SA in 2014. But no matter where she lives… her heart belongs back home in South Africa. Yesterday she penned a poignant poem ‘Die Verlanging van ‘n Suid-Afrikaner’, in Afrikaans (see below). Here she has kindly translated it into […]

South African SONA Date Confirmed – 7 February

By SAPeople Contributor 01-02-19 16:18

It’s all systems go for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), to be delivered at 7pm on 07 February 2019. President Ramaphosa will be delivering his second SONA after taking over the reins in February 2018. The SONA will be the last of the fifth administration, due to the elections later this […]

Trevor Romain: Words to My Younger Self From A Koppie in Joburg

By Trevor Romain 23-01-19 18:46

I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, for one night a few weeks ago (before going to visit the Botshabelo orphanage) and I awoke to this beautiful summer day… writes South African expat, best-selling author and motivational speaker Trevor Romain. From the window of an Air B & B on Linksfield Ridge, where I stayed, I looked […]

Tribute to Patricia from PostNet Reminds Us All How Precious Life Is

By SAPeople 19-01-19 15:41

In 2016 when my mother fell ill I had to travel to Johannesburg quite regularly. It was a crazy few months from August to November. My mother was ill, my father fell ill too and my son Liam was involved in an awful car accident… writes South African music and entertainment entrepreneur, and former frontman […]

South African Granddaughter Honours Grandad’s Bravery in World War 1

By Guest Contributor 11-11-18 19:02

As countries around the world marked 100 years today since the end of the First World War, a South African granddaughter – Seonaid Davidson Beningfield, from KwaZulu-Natal – recalls stories of her grandfather’s bravery (of which he, like so many soldiers of that time, never spoke)… My grandfather, William Henry Boyne Davidson, was 17 years old when he […]

karen landi

#ThisIsMyStory by Karen Landi…

By SAPeople Contributor 08-10-18 12:50

I am writing this story for me. I have always written, and it has always helped to offer insight and gain perspective. It is cathartic and, right now, I know that I need it to heal. I am writing this story for Mick, Alessia and Claudia. I had never, ever wanted to live as much […]

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