caramel coffee

Recipe: Delicious homemade caramel coffee for cold mornings

By Hennely Nel 04-05-23 17:22

It’s getting harder to get out of bed in the morning and for many of us, we only wake up when we have our first cup of coffee. However, we sometimes need a bit of an extra incentive and a bit of sweetness makes that more enticing. This homemade caramel coffee recipe is that combination […]

Woolworths rat

[WATCH] – Woolworths responds to viral rat video

By Hennely Nel 03-05-23 13:01

After being dragged for filth after a shopper filmed a video of a live rat in a pack of raw chicken, Woolworths has finally revealed the outcome of their investigation. Over the weekend, the viral video elicited strong reactions from consumers, some of whom threatened to boycott the store. The incident took place at the […]

Power cuts and food safety: how to avoid illness during loadshedding

The importance of food safety during load shedding

By Fazila Olla 02-05-23 10:16

South Africa has been grappling with power cuts for 15 years, which have worsened in recent years. The persistent power outages have disrupted every facet of life, including food safety. The Conversation Africa’s Ina Skosana spoke to food safety expert Lise Korsten about the impact of persistent power cuts on the food in our homes […]

Ostrich steak

Ostrich fillet steak with red wine & mushroom sauce

By Mimi Mfundisi 24-04-23 15:12

If you want a fancy dinner this winter, try this luxurious ostrich fillet steak with red wine & mushroom sauce with those you want to impress. Ostrich fillet steak with red wine & mushroom sauce is a fancy dinner delight. Photo credit – Irene Muller Have you been in the mood for steak? Do you […]

peppermint crisp tart

A South African favourite: Fancy peppermint crisp tart recipe

By Hennely Nel 24-04-23 14:33

A very few desserts from South Africa get their deserved worldwide recognition. Peppermint crisp tart is often listed as one of the favourites in South Africa and it should be enjoyed more around the world. This fancy peppermint crisp tart isn’t different in taste, but in how you serve it. Our fancy peppermint crisp tart […]

loaded eggs

Loaded scrambled eggs with onions, paprika and buttery toast

By Mimi Mfundisi 21-04-23 17:18

Start your weekend morning on the tastiest note when you make some loaded scrambled eggs with your choice of flavourful ingredients. Silky Scrambled Eggs. Image credit: Steve. Mullon On the weekend, you’ve got time to wake up whenever you want to and make the breakfast of your dreams without being rushed. However, that doesn’t mean […]


Eight South African wines doing well in the UK

By Hennely Nel 21-04-23 12:46

The thriving Western Cape wine industry was brought to its knees not too long ago, due to devastating limitations imposed during the COVID lockdowns. When South Africa enforced an alcohol ban to help ease hospital pressures, the world looked on in horror. SOUTH AFRICAN WINES GOING DOWN WELL IN THE UK Then, as the country entered […]

Is our food becoming less nutritious? Probably

Why our food could be becoming less nutritious

By Fazila Olla 21-04-23 11:26

Is our food becoming less nutritious? If we use the most useful definition of “nutritious” – “having a macronutrient profile that is conducive to health, and a high ratio of micronutrients to calories” – the short answer is yes, and quite severely. Macronutrients include carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre, and the distribution of these nutrients, […]

Cape Town cafe

Cape Town cafe: One of the ‘Most Instagrammable in the world’

By Hennely Nel 21-04-23 10:56

According to a recent feature by Big 7 Travel, one Cape Town cafe has ranked amongst the ’50 Most Instagrammable Cafes in the World’. CAPE TOWN CAFE GETS A SPOTLIGHT It’s all about what’s on the ‘Gram’ these days. And according to travel media company, Big 7 Travel, ‘Instagram continues to massively influence where people go […]

Young, Famous and African Netflix

‘Young, Famous & African’: Netflix shares first look at season two

By Mimi Mfundisi 20-04-23 18:53

Netflix announced the release date for ‘Young, Famous & African’ season which includes Bonang Matheba and Andile Ncube’s exes. Netflix announces ‘Young, Famous & African’ season two release date. Image: supplied. Netflix has shared the first look at the second season of their hit unscripted series Young, Famous & African on Tuesday 18 April. The […]

Pork chops

Delicious recipe: Rosemary and anchovy pork chops

By Hennely Nel 20-04-23 16:22

Pork chops have become more popular recently which also means that you need more fun ways to cook them. The best pork chop is well seasoned and tender with well-rendered fat and a bit of crunch on that fat. To get all the seasoning you want, marinating your chops is the best option and this […]

Maye Musk

Dr Maye: Elon Musk’s mom craved boerewors and pap while in SA

By Mimi Mfundisi 19-04-23 16:00

SA-born billionaire Elon Musk’s mom, Maye revealed that she craved boerewors and pap while in South Africa this week. Elon Musk with sister Tosca, mom Maye and brother Kimbal. Images via Instagram @toscamusk. Model and dietician Maye Musk, revealed that she was craving boerewors and pap while in South Africa to accept her honorary PhD in […]

Amarula Pear tart

Amarula pear tart: A beautiful dessert with a local flavour

By Mimi Mfundisi 19-04-23 13:30

Enjoy another warm and cozy pudding when you make this Amarula pear tart. It’s rich, sweet and great with custard and ice cream! Autumn has reached South Africa which means that it’s also time for warmer desserts to enjoy after big meals. We often enjoy malva and chocolate puddings but you should try our Amarula […]

‘One meal a day’ diet popular with celebrities could do more harm than good – here’s why

Why popular One Meal a Day diet isn’t recommended

By Fazila Olla 13-04-23 11:11

Celebrities have popularised all sorts of outlandish diet trends over the years. One of the latest trends among celebrities is the “one meal a day” diet (or “Omad”). Fans of Omad include Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Many proponents of Omad claim it helps them better manage their weight and keep fit. Omad […]

food to keep you healthy

South Africans have starkly unequal access to a healthy diet – the solution requires tackling deep-seated historical injustice

By Fazila Olla 13-04-23 10:58

South Africa has a food crisis. The food system – made up of all of the activities and actors involved in the production, processing, transportation, selling, consumption and disposal of food – produces starkly unequal access to nutritious foods. As a result, many households in the country cannot afford a healthy diet, 27% of children […]

Matcha tea: what the current evidence says about its health benefits

Matcha tea: what the current evidence says about its health benefits

By Fazila Olla 05-04-23 12:09

Although matcha tea has been around for centuries, it’s recently increased in popularity. This may be due to its favour with celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, and because of its purported health benefits – with many claiming matcha has even greater benefit for our health than green tea does. All green tea […]

Easter eggs: their evolution from chicken to chocolate

Easter eggs: their evolution from chicken to chocolate

By Fazila Olla 04-04-23 11:34

A lot of Easter traditions – including hot cross buns and lamb on Sunday – stem from medieval Christian or even earlier pagan beliefs. The chocolate Easter egg, however, is a more modern twist on tradition. Chicken eggs have been eaten at Easter for centuries. Eggs have long symbolised rebirth and renewal, making them perfect […]

The world is hooked on junk food: how big companies pull it off

The world is hooked on junk food: how big companies pull it off

By Fazila Olla 31-03-23 13:10

It is almost impossible nowadays to listen to the radio, watch TV or scroll through social media without being exposed to an advertisement telling us that all we need for a little happiness and love is a sugary drink or a fast-food snack. There’s nothing that a tasty, affordable, ready-made meal cannot fix, we are […]

Profit versus health: 4 ways big global industries make people sick

Profit versus health: 4 ways big global industries make people sick

By Fazila Olla 28-03-23 12:53

It’s now more commonly known that alcohol and tobacco use make us ill. Less known is that just four industries account for at least one-third of global preventable deaths. These industries are: unhealthy processed food and drinks, fossil fuels, alcohol and tobacco. Collectively they cause 19 million deaths every year, according to a recent series […]

KFC Award

South African franchisee wins international award for best customer experience

By Jenni Baxter 22-03-23 16:33

We all know South African hospitality is world class, and now a South African fast-food franchisee has won an award to prove it! The Pretoria-based franchisee, Gunret Foods, has won the Award for Distinctive and Delightful Customer Experience at this year’s KFC International Franchise Convention which was held in Singapore. The South African franchisee came out […]

Farms in cities: new study offers planners and growers food for thought

Farms in cities: new study offers planners and growers food for thought

By Fazila Olla 14-03-23 12:58

Urban agriculture as a global phenomenon is widely promoted as a sustainable land use practice. On small plots and in big projects, using sophisticated technology or simple solutions, city dwellers around the world are producing food. Growing food in a city can improve local food security and express local culture. Little information is available, though, […]

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