Deirdre Larkin, South Africa's 90-year-old legendary runner on Carte Blanche this Sunday.

Carte Blanche Meets South Africa’s 90-Year-Old Running Legend

By SAPeople Contributor 16-10-21 18:12

She’s 90 years old and thrashing runners half her age! Undefeated by lockdown or the pandemic, South Africa’s astonishing Deirdre Larkin kicked off her ninth decade with a gentle 10km run. This Sunday Carte Blanche meets the humble, humorous South African running legend, a national treasure who turned 90 on SA’s Heritage Day (24 September).  […]

South Africa's Heritage Day with Showmax

Celebrate South Africa’s Heritage Day with Showmax

By SAPeople 23-09-21 17:07

This Heritage Month, you can celebrate South African stories and talents in this collection of movies, comedy and documentaries that tell fascinating tales of the complicated, beautiful land we love. Most of these are also available to South Africans living abroad in many countries. Browse full collection  On Heritage Day (Friday 24 September) – settle […]

Afghanistan escape for South Africans on Carte Blanche

South African’s Harrowing Escape from Afghanistan as 35 Evacuated, 1 Remains

By SAPeople 03-09-21 18:10

At least one registered South African remains in Afghanistan, while 35 have been evacuated, according to the SA Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO). This Sunday, SA current affairs show Carte Blanche follows the harrowing escape of one of those 35 South Africans. “Working in security, alongside thousands of westerners and Afghan civilians, South […]

Drivers’ License Jam Image: YouTube

Carte Blanche: Chaos at Gauteng Driver’s License Offices

By SAPeople Contributor 28-08-21 07:45

Here’s what’s coming up on Carte Blanche this week – you can watch the show on Sunday 29 August in South Africa on DStv Now or stream it overseas in most countries on Showmax International from Tues 31 August if you’re abroad. INVESTIGATE Drivers’ Licence Jam As the grace period to renew drivers’ licences was […]

cold water swimming CB

Carte Blanche: Capetonians Join Global Cold Water Swimming Trend

By SAPeople Contributor 21-08-21 10:35

Up and down the coast of Cape Town, a growing number of people have taken to the extremely cold water every day throughout winter, extolling the healing magic of cold water swimming. For them, it’s been an unexpected reprieve from the ongoing pandemic, claiming the icy-cold waters helped them fight the loneliness of lockdown, boosted […]

Tatjana Schoenmaker Wins GOLD in World Record Breaking Time at Olympics

Carte Blanche Celebrates Tatjana Schoenmaker on Sunday

By SAPeople Contributor 13-08-21 21:06

It’s hard to believe that Tatjana Schoenmaker nearly gave up after failing to qualify for the Rio Olympics in 2016. But fortunately, she followed her own advice: to refocus and keep going! Celebrating Tatjana Schoenmaker   Tatjana’s gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics’ 200 metre breaststroke was the first individual swimming record to be broken […]

Devilsdorp Breaks Showmax Records, Outperforming Game of Thrones

Devilsdorp Breaks Showmax Records, Outperforming Game of Thrones

By SAPeople 03-08-21 18:37

The first Showmax Original true-crime series, Devilsdorp, launched on Thursday, 29 July 2021 to five-star reviews, topping Showmax’s SA Top 20 and setting a new record for the most hours watched in its first four days of launch of any film or series ever on Showmax – outperforming the likes of Game of Thrones, The […]

durban unrest carte blanche

Carte Blanche: Vigilantes Amid the Violence

By SAPeople Contributor 24-07-21 13:02

You can watch Carte Blanche on Sunday 25 July in South Africa on DStv Now or stream it overseas in most countries from Tues 27 July on Showmax International. This is what’s coming up this week: Vigilantes Amid the Violence As Durban emerges from the smoke and ashes of looting and unrest, deep-seated divisions – […]

hunting dogs carte blanche

Illegal Hunting with Dogs Increasing Across South Africa. Carte Blanche Investigates

By SAPeople Contributor 25-06-21 10:57

The incidents of hunting with dogs is escalating across South Africa, particularly in rural KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). This week, Carte Blanche investigates to find out: is it an innocent traditional pastime fuelled by poverty… or a brutal, self-serving gambler’s game? Hunting with Dogs In a controversial practice that is increasing across the country, participants in so-called […]

carte blanche this sunday zama wars illegal mining

Zama Wars in the Wild West: Carte Blanche on Sunday

By SAPeople Contributor 17-09-21 20:32

On Johannesburg’s West Rand, over 1700 hectares of waste piles and open pits have been left behind after the 2018 liquidation of the Australian company Mintails Mining South Africa. Click here if you’re looking for the latest update on what’s coming up on Carte Blanche this Sunday. With an ongoing legal battle relating to a […]

where watch friends reunion in South Africa

What’s New on Showmax This Month, June 2021

By SAPeople Contributor 06-06-21 22:57

Here are the highlights of the hot new series, movies, doccies – and of course, one special that’s big, big news – and streaming on Showmax in June. Don’t be left out in the cold – watch Friends: The Reunion and more of the most-talked-about shows streaming right now, from Kate Winslet’s bleak, brilliant Mare […]

CARTE BLANCHE: Lockdown Criminal Record for Thousands of South Africans for Life?

Thousands Left with Damaging Lockdown Criminal Record for Life? Carte Blanche Investigates.

By SAPeople Contributor 21-05-21 22:57

At least 400,000 South Africans have been arrested over the past year for breaking COVID-19 lockdown regulations like not wearing a mask… and many are now left with life-damaging criminal records. Last year, Carte Blanche reported on allegations of unwarranted brutality and violence when police arrested people for breaking these lockdown regulations. This week, the […]

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