Mon, Mar 27, 2023

How SONA Was Used to Announce Nelson Mandela’s Release

It was in the late 1980's that apartheid negotiations reached a sensitive stage. Former President Nelson Mandela had been diagnosed with Tuberculosis and was...

Forgetting Your First Language: A Study Involving Afrikaans-English Bilinguals

The first language has always been thought to hold a privileged status in the mind, but the question of how well it really holds...

Nitanja Steyn: The Yearning of a South African Heart

South African expat Nitanja Steyn has lived in the Netherlands, the US and Germany since leaving SA in 2014. But no matter where she...

INSPIRING: South African Muso Sings for Road Accident Victim.

Yesterday, South African musician Seb Goldswain shared the following inspiring encounter he had with road accident victim, Kobus, on Facebook. Here is Seb's account, in...
trevor romain

Trevor Romain: Remembering the Corner Cafe in South Africa

When we were young and the days were long, the corner cafe was the place to meet and greet and make up and break...
viv vermaak

True Love and Karoo Memories by Viv Vermaak

I know it isn’t prudent to declare one’s love on Facebook, but I simply cannot keep it in... writes Viv Vermaak. I have been in...

Trevor Romain: The Old Man, The Bicycle & Sunlight Soap

For a number of reasons, round about this week every year, I share this life-changing experience... writes Trevor Romain. One reason I post it...

Gus Silber Recalls Alan Paton Interview As Google Honours Author’s Anniversary

SOUTH AFRICA - Yesterday was the 115th anniversary of the birth of the author Alan Paton, who was honoured in a Google doodle that...

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

People who live in the desert love rain. They love it in ways city people don’t understand. In the Karoo and the Kalahari, the horizons...

Ira’s Gift at Christmas

Little Joe, who had adored his 'outgoing' father Ira, had been withdrawn and sulky since the accident, venturing out of his room only at...