Tue, Jun 28, 2022

trevor romain

Trevor Romain: Remembering the Corner Cafe in South Africa

When we were young and the days were long, the corner cafe was the place to meet and greet and make up and break...
the journey man

‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – Bosman Bliss in the Bushveld

Groot Marico, 1979 - It’s a lovely Saturday out here in the Bushveld...I’m sitting under a fever tree on a farm in the Western...
robertson south africa

Robertson – Town of Wine And Roses and Beautiful Memories, South...

Most people know Robertson either as a small, drive-through town, or as the place of four fabulous wine festivals with names like Wacky Wine...
union buildings, pretoria

‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – Pretoria Blues

It was May, 1976...and as a lowly young reporter for the Pretoria News, I discovered that Siberia comes in many forms. Because I had disgraced...

INSPIRING: South African Muso Sings for Road Accident Victim.

Yesterday, South African musician Seb Goldswain shared the following inspiring encounter he had with road accident victim, Kobus, on Facebook. Here is Seb's account, in...
80's Hairstyle - Hair sprayed into a "coma"...........

Hello South Africa. What were we thinking in the 80s?

TO THOSE WHO MAY REMEMBER THESE ...(from an email doing the rounds)

‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – We Remember Hillbrow

Hillbrow, Jo’burg’s inner city Tenderloin district, was never a nest of angels... In the late 1970s and 80s, it was the most cosmopolitan piece of...

Nitanja Steyn: The Yearning of a South African Heart

South African expat Nitanja Steyn has lived in the Netherlands, the US and Germany since leaving SA in 2014. But no matter where she...

Steve Bloom exhibits in London: South Africa in the Seventies

Stunning photographs of South Africa in the Seventies by renowned South African photographer Steve Bloom, are being presented by The London Festival of Photography...
the journey man

‘The Journey Man’ Extracts: Freelance Week Follies of a Scope Journalist

So one day when I was a journalist at Scope, I realise that due to various family commitments and unforeseen bills I need to...