dogs on airplane

WATCH – Funny pet video of the day – 3 July

By Lisa Greyson 03-07-23 13:42

While our pets bring us great joy and company, their ability to make us laugh makes them even more special. And that’s just one of the reasons why we see so many viral pet videos. Take a seat, unwind, and enjoy this cute pet video. ALSO READ: What are the best first-time pets for your kids? FUNNIEST HOME PET VIDEOS OF 2023 Today’s video […]

chimpanzee pays for pizza

WATCH – A chimpanzee pays for a pizza delivery

By Shyleen Choruma 08-06-23 12:13

Today’s video: Chimpanzee paying for a pizza delivery in Russia. These daily videos are unfathomable and often unexplainable – but 100% genuine – and may well leave you speechless. ALSO READ: Great recovery for Cape Town International Airport Watch as a chimpanzee pays for a pizza delivery in Russia ALSO WATCH: WATCH – A […]

A toilet in the gamadoelas... Stories from South Africa

A toilet in the gramadoelas

By Andrea Zanin 30-01-24 21:29

My dad came to South Africa in his early twenties. As a British guy, he didn’t speak ‘die taal’ but as an electrical engineer employed on the power lines he worked with a lot of Afrikaans people—making life ripe for misunderstandings. Often, my dad worked out in the gramadoelas. At the end of one of […]

WATCH An Ingenious Way to Use Toilet Paper During Lockdown

By SAPeople Contributor 08-04-20 12:57

There are many ways to spend your lockdown or quarantine time – and maybe even put that excess toilet paper you’ve collected to some use (except you’ll have to roll it up again!). An avowed fan of “domino or chain reactions,” Kaplamino, has posted a YouTube video of an intricate way he figured out to […]

WATCH Proudly South African ?? Actors’ Punny Song: SA is Where I Belong

By SAPeople 26-10-18 12:44

Two South African actors from Gauteng have found a brilliant way to deal with whatever bad news blows their way – through humour and song! Marissa Claasen and Thiart Li have teamed up to create “PUN-demonium” with their regular video songs, posted together with positive hashtags like #enoughsaid #proudlysouthafrican and #Laughatyourself. Thiart says: “Even though SA […]

Trevor Noah: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

By SAPeople Staff Writer 04-07-18 14:34

So is Trevor Noah making the grade as host of “The Daily Show” or not? Six months after taking over from Jon Stewart, the jury, as they say in the US, is out. While a recent segment has got more than 600,000 views on Youtube in just over a week – about Donald Trump – a major […]

Drake’s Smooth Moves Become the “Gupta Bling” VIDEO

By SAPeople Staff Writer 23-03-16 19:12

Musician/comedian Deep Fried Man has released a new  video called “Gupta Bling”, based on singer Drake’s mega-selling “Hotline Bling” and which riffs on the relationship between President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family. “You used to call me on my cell phone, To discuss that nuclear deal,” starts Deep Fried Man, rather than Drake’s “You used to call me […]

WATCH Trevor Take on the Trump in “Fascist Week 2016”

By SAPeople Staff Writer 03-03-16 08:32

In his latest salvo against Donald Trump, the candidate who against all odds seems most likely to win the Republic presidential nomination in the United States, Trevor Noah this week riffed in the Daily Show on Trump’s similarity to the fascist of all fascists, Benito Mussolini. The show has already generated its own hashtag, “FascistWeek2016”. It did […]

zupta must fall

WATCH Sign Language Interpreters Make the Best of #ZuptaMustFall

By SAPeople Staff Writer 12-02-16 07:37

The walkout from Parliament on Thursday night by the Economic Freedom Fighters has already got lot of attention in the media, although some people have started sharing videos of the sign language interpreters who had to repeatedly interpret “Zupta Must Fall!” which the EFF chanted before and while leaving the chamber. “They did a great job,” […]

facebook zuma

TV Network (Kind Of) Wishes Zuma Happy “Friends” Day VIDEO

By SAPeople Staff Writer 09-02-16 08:35

Playing off of Facebook’s “Friends Day”, which was launched by the social media giant to celebrate its 12th birthday by giving users a 58-second video featuring images of friends and family, a tongue-in-cheek video of President Jacob Zuma’s “friends” has been launched by a South African news network. The friends included in the video the Guptas, the short-lived […]

tswyza zanews

Tswyza “Raps” Up 2015 with Funny News Video

By SAPeople Staff Writer 01-01-21 12:29

Even if it is a few days after New Year, it’s well worth taking a look at the “Hip Hop 2015 News Wrap Up” by rapper Tswyza on the satirical news site ZANEWS. As the Limpopo-born rapper says, he covers everything “from Jozi to Nkandla, from Cape to Cairo”. Plus he makes it pretty entertaining. Watch the video […]

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