Saturday, August 15, 2020

Lost Phone Creates New Friendship, Leads to Job Offers.

While visiting the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on Sunday I dropped my iphone in the parking lot without realizing it and thought never...

SA’s Soweto Gospel Choir Wins THIRD Grammy

The Soweto Gospel Choir was formed in November 2002 by SHIMMY JIYANE who is the current Choir Master, as well as Choreographer, Tenor and...

The Importance of a Warm Greeting Instilled in Kimberley Pre-Schoolers

Pre-schoolers at St Patrick's Christian Brothers' College in Kimberley have a special way to teach their PR (Pre-Reception) class the value of a warm...

Proud Policeman Highlights Integrity of Most South African Police

Nicholaas E B Delport, a Warrant Officer in the South African Police Service (SAPS), has published a post (that's going viral) in defence of...

A Father’s Open Letter to his Children on Facebook

My dear children, it is with some regret that I must announce that despite the growing phenomena of parents addressing letters of praise directly...

South African Sculpture Impresses at Botswana Lodge

South African George Knoke visited Sethare Lodge in Botswana and came across this astounding piece of art by Angus Van Zyl Taylor called Reflective...

WATCH: St John’s D.S.G Fun School Dance

Watch St John's D.S.G. staff and pupils in their latest fun dance video filmed to celebrate the start of half-term break.

Film of Riel Dancing and South African Expat (82) Headed to...

82-year-old South African-born Elsa Perez stars in the documentary called "Get Riel" featuring Perez dancing as well as footage sent through by South African...
gabriel sithole

Gabriel Sithole: 10 Tips on Dealing with South African Govt Departments

Okay, I feel it is my citizen's duty to inform you as a member of the public, that somewhere in your lifetime, you WILL...

Gratitude Expressed as Flamingo Chicks Fly to New Home, but Support...

One of the Saam Staan Administrators was fortunate enough to film the journey to Durban on Monday where Flamingo chicks were delivered to uShaka Marine World. video...