French U18 player does post-match interview in Afrikaans

Young French Rugby Player Does Post-Match Interview in Afrikaans

By SAPeople Contributor 22-08-22 23:12

A young French rugby player surprised viewers on Friday when he translated a post-match interview, switching fluently between French and Afrikaans. The video, featuring French U18 player Johan Wasserman, has gone viral – watch below. It turns out that the young French player actually has a South African dad – Johan Wasserman (same name), from […]

Film of Riel Dancing and South African Expat (82) Headed to US Festival

By Jennie Glover 27-02-19 17:51

82-year-old South African-born Elsa Perez stars in the documentary called “Get Riel” featuring Perez dancing as well as footage sent through by South African riel dancers. The Sunnyside Up Film Festival in Ardmore Oklahoma, USA will be screening ‘Get Riel’ next month in its competition, and you can show your support by voting on their […]

WATCH: St John’s D.S.G Fun School Dance

By SAPeople Contributor 25-02-19 13:32

Watch St John’s D.S.G. staff and pupils in their latest fun dance video filmed to celebrate the start of half-term break.[0]=68.ARAbolypyucjz-1hvsZ_-7Qb63yRpdGfAMkeifw3fdkJ_lrcxPnl3mGOYfeyYLkj32THYUY8lw_dzPh-73C_zr8_GRs2wkROpGEiL5qCgIOfdQn7XHBYNwYlBkDy2YXmSacZYE7iCy1UuZJfMzcnwJLhlpf_oVna9k23JdgIU8FbOzFT4wYbIZxjz9vIB6HVgnah57XufLbC4GsJSFLdXnXd73xE1uPKkfKgJza73ai07VOO4aaBgUW2UyfKHkSHnU2csI2-J-wSk6AVqAzx2oDyEzF_uCz6ZpDoLauhePQMGoJWKdAttZZPOcOLysxiJhF03w13lrkRULw-AQJcZa7V4pPY&__tn__=C-R

SA’s Traditional Leaders Can Help Debunk Patriarchy Myths

By SAPeople Contributor 22-02-19 09:02

As custodians of culture, traditional leaders are ideally placed within communities to expose myths around patriarchy and notions of ownership over the bodies of women that continue to persist. This is according to the Minister of Women Bathabile Dlamini, who on Thursday addressed a dialogue with traditional leaders. The Minister said her department supports and […]

South African Sculpture Impresses at Botswana Lodge

By Jennie Glover 25-11-19 23:15

South African George Knoke visited Sethare Lodge in Botswana and came across this astounding piece of art by Angus Van Zyl Taylor called Reflective Resonance. Georg commented on his Facebook page: “The logistics to get this sculpture here from South Africa- across the border into Botswana- must have been a massive challenge! The stone sculpture […]

SA’s Soweto Gospel Choir Wins THIRD Grammy

By Jennie Glover 13-02-19 06:39

The Soweto Gospel Choir was formed in November 2002 by SHIMMY JIYANE who is the current Choir Master, as well as Choreographer, Tenor and Dancer. Their first album entitled ‘Voices of Heaven’ recorded in the December of 2002 went on to reach the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s World Music Chart within the first 3 […]


The Importance of a Warm Greeting Instilled in Kimberley Pre-Schoolers

By Jennie Glover 07-02-19 10:28

Pre-schoolers at St Patrick’s Christian Brothers’ College in Kimberley have a special way to teach their PR (Pre-Reception) class the value of a warm greeting. WATCH as Mrs Seaward’s PR class ‘Greeter of the Week’, Eli greets his classmates with enthusiasm.[0]=68.ARAZFf4NPhbOGqb_yOamf6pR6_8b7vAiquS5MicWToheRd2zc7X0cFwTs3eDmY0RY_FNcAvuvil75fKJgWXwJtPKZwsNraV-DMWQQ711x9l_HzKtuh9WPYnwBVF_9Uiuk-hC61GdtrpiiQrUsQujRAcMvhigAXEEo9-pz88Rb8s75b4VjiW3S5Ot8wBjrxJpIiFqliicUV1oO4PHcm_eaCxsnzpDyh-QeFOjELieQF16j0VhjLwS3c_xm2sPE8eD2nT8tsPPWL4BUCUxitSUQ9zq3c2BxzW9yMBu9uCwgnikvAU3exvmjLgdgMTaYmrXOlQmLWfZ271XmDYWDCuppVPwIGOewKQHrcI&__tn__=-R   Jacques Tredoux, Executive Head of St Patrick’s CBC told SA People: The […]

Brave Secunda Schoolboy Saves Fellow Pupil From Being Robbed

By SAPeople Contributor 06-02-19 18:19

On the way to school on Tuesday, 29 January, Dylan Harris saved a fellow pupil from harm while walking to school. The attacker tried to steal Christine’s mobile. On Tuesday, January 29, Dylan Harris was riding his bicycle to school when he saw fellow student of Secunda High School, Christine Gazi being attacked while walking […]

INSPIRING: South African Muso Sings for Road Accident Victim.

By SAPeople Contributor 31-01-19 17:23

Yesterday, South African musician Seb Goldswain shared the following inspiring encounter he had with road accident victim, Kobus, on Facebook. Here is Seb’s account, in his words: “Yesterday I received a phone call from Brett Nydahl, a psychologist friend, asking if I would consider playing a few songs for one of her hospital patients on his […]

Gratitude Expressed as Flamingo Chicks Fly to New Home, but Support Still Needed.

By SAPeople Contributor 31-01-19 10:55

One of the Saam Staan Administrators was fortunate enough to film the journey to Durban on Monday where Flamingo chicks were delivered to uShaka Marine World.[0]=68.ARCWvHIxFDQgMeE2Y4Liq8EcnkCJsrgeZljg84dmGBUrEeteOUnBOIj6p21_1MouOcfMTJF2AnIzxLAetJd_6V40cCTfYYjjrRD7xk8TAWxO9DWq2K7-Z98QLX6EC58XT6lHS0bpoavl1O6MjeqSHv2sEByvUM29sI8DSLIDkKlpMxZIr0RtuVDUiq3PcBcOi4pGm39djqwf11SPC4TpWcm8AU-hUvfuzAi1FcVriiGMKUG4NjYX-TYpUH4RRkmvKvM3S39aoNHPnfsjE2QLReEVUXE_agwyN7kLD1lAmGcM6UvXpiq8CaukU2gAOWQDX98o8H4oczuQNRCZnZUJ43KFGqfdSxZTX4raIg&__tn__=-R video credit: Ronsard Allen & Craig Van Rensburg Staan Saam Kimberley have shared the clip above to capture the journey thus far, saying: “From feeding to boxing to flying to the SEA!! It’s […]

Lost Phone Creates New Friendship, Leads to Job Offers.

By SAPeople Contributor 30-01-19 11:05

While visiting the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on Sunday I dropped my iphone in the parking lot without realizing it and thought never to see it again writes Sergio Coelho. Here is the story Sergio shared on his Facebook page yesterday: On Sunday evening around 10.30 pm, I received a call on Melissa’s cell […]


A Father’s Open Letter to his Children on Facebook

By Paul Christie 26-02-16 18:51

My dear children, it is with some regret that I must announce that despite the growing phenomena of parents addressing letters of praise directly to their kids on Facebook, extolling, inter alia, their brains, their beauty and the munificence of their physical and mental attributes, I’ve reluctantly decided to stick with the somewhat dated practice […]

The Little War Against Telkom’s Baby Ads

By SAPeople Staff Writer 06-10-15 07:19

Just two days ago it started as a campaign to get 12 likes on Facebook against a popular series of ads by Telkom, but already it has got a whole lot more than a dozen. The one-man (or is it the one-band?) campaign is against the well-known adverts that some see as cute, others as […]