Monday, October 26, 2020


Google Maps View of Nkandla Homestead Has Twitter in Hysterics

The latest Google Maps view of former President Jacob Zuma's luxury Nkandla Homestead in Ntembeni, KwaZulu-Natal, has South Africans on social media in hysterics. Tech...
idols south africa

Thousands ‘Like’ and Retweet Somizi the Idols SA Streaker

In just 30 minutes, an Idols SA video has been liked over 2,000 times, and tweeted hundreds more. The video features judge Somizi streaking...

WATCH The Kiffness: If Cyril Ramaphosa Was Mexican (or Spanish)

The Kiffness - aka David Scott - has done it again, with a spoof that helps South Africans laugh at the current situation they...
taylor queen of cuteness south africa

WATCH 6-Year-Old Queen of Cuteness, Taylor, on Ramaphosa and More

South Africa's most adorable 'chatterbox' - six-year-old Taylor Morrison from Durban - is back with more gems of wisdom for South Africans. Watch her...

WATCH Singer Looks Like Trevor Noah’s Twin Brother

You have to admit, the resemblance between South Africa's Spanish/Portuguese singer Miguel Pregueiro and South Africa's famous expat comedian Trevor Noah is uncanny! If you...
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Phil Maloney: 22 More Weird Things About South Africa

Last year, I wrote a post called 24 Weird Things About South Africa... writes Phil Maloney who lived for a few years as a...

WATCH Michael McIntyre Visits Fortune Teller in June 2019

British comedian Michael McIntyre (the same guy who said South Africans have the funniest accent!) has produced a video that's pure gold... and that...

WATCH Kevin Fraser’s Hilarious Take on ‘Families Under Lockdown’

Watch South African comedian Kevin Fraser give a spot-on depiction of life for families under lockdown. The video is actually an ad for a pizza...

WATCH South Africa’s Hilarious New National Anthem by The Kiffness

South Africa's The Kiffness - aka David Scott - has posted another hilarious video to his incredibly popular playlist of Lockdown Parodies. This time it's...
which type of south african are you under lockdown

Meet the 10 Types of ‘Lockdown’ South Africans. Which One Are...

It's day eleven seventy thousand, and the lockdown categories have changed. So a re-write is about as overdue as a presidential address, and your...