WATCH BBC Struggles to Find South Africa on the Map

By SAPeople 26-04-22 23:44

You’d think it was obvious that South Africa was located in, um, the south of Africa… but apparently not. The wise guys at the BBC, arguably one of the world’s most reputable news services, seem to have had a little trouble finding our beloved country on the map. In fact the South Africa that the […]


WATCH Australian Comedian (Almost) Nails the South African Accent

By SAPeople 22-02-22 20:35

Finally, a foreigner appears to have almost nailed the South African accent. Well, at least better than most who’ve come before him. The brilliant Australian actor, comedian (and father to three boys) Jimmy Rees has posted a hilarious video in which he masters several accents (random Aussie, posh Melbourne accent, whining New Zealander and competitive […]

Schalk Bezuidenhout on How You Know When A Place is Kak Fancy

WATCH Schalk Bezuidenhout on How You Know When A Place is Kak Fancy

By SAPeople 17-03-22 18:29

Check out this hilarious video from South African comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout on how you know when a place is luxurious… or ‘kak fancy’, as Schalk says! While staying in Mbombela (formerly Nelspruit) while he shoots a TV show this month, Schalk treated himself to a couple of days off at the exquisite Kruger Shalati: The […]

anchovy toast recipe

South Africans Frantically Share Anchovy Toast Recipes

By SAPeople 12-03-23 10:52

With the distressing news to many South Africans that Pioneer Foods has ended the production of Redro and Pecks Anchovette, South Africans have been scrambling to find the last few tins of fish paste left on supermarket shelves. (SAPeople readers even asked us to hold back on announcing the demise of the anchovette spreads so […]

Durban Kid's Hilarious Message to Eskom During Loadshedding

WATCH Durban Kid’s Hilarious Message to Eskom During Loadshedding

By SAPeople 28-10-21 21:08

Durban influencer Taylor Morrison’s special message for Eskom, filmed in March, is going viral again with the latest Stage 4 Loadshedding in South Africa. According to Taylor’s profile on her Facebook page (Taylor’s Terrible/Cute 2’s) she’s “the Sassiest little girl you’ll ever meet”… and the seven-year-old proves it in this video, telling Eskom exactly what […]

WATCH South Africa is a Country! Kevin Fraser Nails It!!! (Hilarious!)

WATCH South Africa is a Country! Kevin Fraser Nails It!!! (Hilarious!)

By SAPeople 21-10-21 00:28

As a South African expat living in Australia, and travelling around the world on tour, comedian Kevin Fraser clearly knows what it’s like to be asked about your accent… and then to try explain that South Africa… Is… A… Country! Kevin posted the following video on Facebook less than 4 hours ago, saying “THAT ONE […]

whatsapp facebook instagram down

Jokes and Memes as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Went Down

By SAPeople 05-10-21 00:15

Facebook is back!!! Although many features aren’t working properly yet. Earlier on Monday, Facebook, FB messenger, WhatsApp (the messaging app) and Instagram – which are all owned by Facebook – crashed around the world, and were down in several regions worldwide, including South Africa for at least SIX HOURS. (See the memes at the bottom […]

WATCH Trevor Noah – The Accent G.O.A.T.

By SAPeople 06-09-21 16:26

A video compilation of South African comedian Trevor Noah doing various accent has gone viral. Watch below as Trevor muses on French raps, imagines Donald Trump speaking Arabic, recalls speaking to emergency operators in South Africa and nails the Aussie accent (apart from slipping into a Kiwi accent for a few of the words). Australian […]

WATCH Coconut Kelz with ‘Putin’: Who Doesn’t Love Eating A Russian?

By SAPeople 11-08-21 19:47

Last week a couple of videos went viral showing outraged Russian people responding to clips of South Africans discussing how much they love to eat ‘Russians’. Of course the South Africans were referring to a tasty type of sausage found in SA. But the Russian people appeared to not realise this… Today all is revealed […]

Vlogger's Alleged Fury Over South Africans Eating 'Russians'

WATCH Angry Vlogger’s Reaction to South Africans Eating Russians

By SAPeople 05-08-21 13:50

This has to be a joke! A vlogger, speaking English and Russian, has posted a video in which he complains about the passionate attitude in which South Africans are eating ‘Russians’. Of course we all know that Russians are the name given by South Africans to a certain type of sausage (find out why below)… […]

VIDEO Ozzy Man Reviews: Worst Looter Ever South Africa

WATCH Ozzy Man Reviews Worst Looter Ever

By SAPeople 17-07-21 19:26

Ozzy Man, the Australian reviewer who has become famous worldwide for his pull-no-punches reviews of just about anything (and always packed with swear words) has delivered the following classic about a hapless looter during the recent looting spree in South Africa. In typical Ozzy Man style, the review is a “bloody tellin’ it straight, no […]

president's missing ipad joke meme

Memes and Jokes About President Ramaphosa’s ‘Stolen’ iPad

By Cassie Jo 23-06-21 15:04

When the President’s iPad went missing in Cape Town yesterday, as he was about to deliver a keynote address about the Transnet National Ports Authority on live TV, he instead delivered a humorous monologue about how his iPad had been ‘stolen’. He was of course joking (although visibly a little shocked). It didn’t take South […]

Gogglebox Goggleboxers My Octopus Teacher

WATCH Hilarious UK Gogglebox Viewers Watching SA’s My Octopus Teacher

By SAPeople 14-06-21 16:25

My Octopus Teacher, the Oscar-winning South African documentary about a Western Cape man’s special friendship with a female octopus, has spawned numerous videos and spoofs. Here’s the latest video that’s been going viral on social media – showing viewers on the UK’s Gogglebox watching the Netflix show. Their comments are classic. When well-known SA writer Max […]

South African accent intimidating

Ag No! South African Accent Can Be Intimidating!

By SAPeople Contributor 31-05-21 12:43

According to some foreigners, the South African accent can be a little intimidating and scary! Apparently we can sound a little aggressive, even when asking for ‘ass cream’. Watch below as Jimmy Carr and his guests chat about accents on ‘8 Out of 10 Cats’, the irreverent comedy panel show based on opinion polls. When […]

Louis Oosthuizen LIV Golf US open

WATCH Louis Oosthuizen Jokes About Being Runner Up in the Majors

By SAPeople 26-05-21 12:26

This weekend South African professional golfer Louis Oosthuizen pulled off his fifth runner-up achievement in a Major, when he came second to US player Phil Mickelson at the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island in South Carolina… and it wasn’t long before fans were sharing an old video he made laughing about his knack of coming […]

WATCH Elon Musk and Mom Capture Hearts on Saturday Night Live

WATCH Elon Musk and Mom Capture Hearts on Saturday Night Live

By SAPeople 09-05-21 19:39

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, who was born and brought up in South Africa, showed his humorous – and human – side last night in the US, in a hotly anticipated appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Many American viewers said they stayed up late just to watch the SpaceX and Tesla co-founder on the comedy […]

old south african tv ads

WATCH Funny, Weird and Old South African TV Adverts

By SAPeople Contributor 08-05-21 15:30

A couple of old video compilations of funny old English and Afrikaans South African TV adverts have been going viral on Facebook and WhatsApp. Here are the original comedy videos, uploaded to YouTube by ‘Fast and Curious in RSA’. If you feel like a trip down Memory Lane, these South African television commercials will take […]

South African Charl Minnaar was Fined on Sunday in Croatia for Wearing a Fab Faf Speedo! Photo: Charl Minnaar

South African Fined in Croatia for Wearing Fab Faf Speedo!

By SAPeople 06-05-21 13:18

We South Africans may be super proud of the ‘Faf speedo’, which Faf de Klerk made famous during the Rugby World Cup, but it turns out not everyone in the world understands it! A young South African, proudly posing in his Faf speedo in a park in Croatia, was fined on Sunday for “public indecency”! Whilst […]

Note Left by Firefighters on Car Seen in Cape Town Fire Video

Amazing Note Left by Firefighters on Car Seen in Cape Town Fire Video

By SAPeople 18-04-21 23:56

Thousands of people watched a video of the Cape Town fire on Sunday that showed a white car parked in Table Mountain National Park, precariously close to rising flames. Many wondered what happened to that car… Madness #capetownfire — Robyn Silverstone (@RobsSilverstone) April 18, 2021 Well, late on Sunday night on Twitter, a user […]

South African Spoof of Oprah Interview with Meghan Markle

WATCH South African Spoof of Oprah Interview with Meghan Markle

By SAPeople 09-03-21 11:39

Across the world people have been divided in their views of the explosive Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which DStv aired in South Africa last night. But here’s a video everyone’s sure to enjoy – Black Wendy’s spoof of the interview. The Black Wendy Channel is created and hosted by South […]

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