A toilet in the gamadoelas... Stories from South Africa

A toilet in the gramadoelas

By Andrea Zanin 30-01-24 21:29

My dad came to South Africa in his early twenties. As a British guy, he didn’t speak ‘die taal’ but as an electrical engineer employed on the power lines he worked with a lot of Afrikaans people—making life ripe for misunderstandings. Often, my dad worked out in the gramadoelas. At the end of one of […]

Parktown Prawn

Boesak, parsley and a parktown prawn

By Andrea Zanin 14-03-23 16:47

There’s nothing like a Parktown Prawn in the car on the way to school. “We’re going!”—mom bellows from the other side of the house. I lightning myself out of bed. Throw on my uniform (luckily, it’s summer—no tie), lurch for my school bag (praying I packed accurately the night before), will an apple into my […]

WATCH Themba Robin's Short hilarious story about Mzansi's most famous couch

Hilarious safari with Mzansi’s most expensive and famous couch – WATCH

By Jenni Baxter 06-03-23 21:59

Following revelations this morning that SARS has no record of the Phala Phala millions (that were found stuffed in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s couch), South African comedian, actor and voice artist Themba Robin has produced another brilliant South African safari video! Watch below. As with his last hilarious safari footage about SA’s potholes, Themba has again […]

Sami Hall on why she won't emigrate from South Africa - WATCH

Sami Hall on why she won’t emigrate from South Africa – WATCH

By Jenni Baxter 27-02-23 11:16

With the latest announcement of petrol price increases and ongoing power cuts (aka loadshedding), popular South African tiktokker Sami Hall says it may be time to start using donkey carts… or emigrate. BUT she admits (with a laugh and a snort!), she has Stockholm Syndrome and is in love with her captors… so she would […]

A shout out to the unsung heroes of loadshedding

A shout out to the unsung heroes of loadshedding

By Jenni Baxter 23-02-23 12:02

As South Africans reel from Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter’s explosive interview about corruption in high places (bringing SA to its knees with power cuts), it’s time to also pay tribute to those people and things that have lightened the loadshedding load. SA author, Cape Town mom, and outdoor communication consultant Kim Nicola Stephens pays […]

South African Time explained... by a foreigner

South African Time explained… by a foreigner

By Jenni Baxter 10-02-23 20:52

Popular Dutch expat, Yvonne, who lives on a game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal with her soon-to-be husband Leo, and their son Owen (4), has penned a brilliant post on her popular blog – Yvonne in the bush – explaining just how to understand South African time. Here, with her permission, is Yvonne’s explanation… ? This is […]

Spoof SA tourism ad has South Africans laughing out loud

WATCH Spoof SA tourism ad has South Africans laughing out loud

By Jenni Baxter 10-02-23 14:58

Musician Bouwer Bosch has launched a spoof South African tourism ad, co-starring digital creator Themba Robin, that has South Africans in stitches. Watch below. Bouwer says: “TOURISM SOUTH AFRICA PRESENTS: Johannes Burg and Nepho Tism takes us on a adventurous tour through Johannesburg and share some of the reasons why tourists should consider South Africa […]

WATCH Ozzy Man Reviews A Baboon Bit My B*m

WATCH Ozzy Man reviews: A baboon bit my b*m

By Jenni Baxter 02-02-23 09:46

By now you’ve probably seen the ‘only in South Africa’ video – ‘A Baboon Bit My Bum’. (If not, watch below.) It was first posted in 2021, but has recently been going viral again. What you may have missed is the Ozzy Man Review version which is hilarious. “Here’s me voice in an African tale […]

WATCH Comedy Gold as Loadshedding Plunges ANC's Energy Talks into Darkness

WATCH Loadshedding Plunges ANC’s Energy Talks into Darkness

By SAPeople 26-01-23 09:10

The ANC and stakeholders in the South African energy sector were left in the dark on Wednesday when loadshedding ironically plunged the event into darkness, during an address by Secretary General Fikile Mbalula. The ANC was hosting the dialogue at the University of Johannesburg. It was being broadcast live when the screen turned to black […]

21 Rules of Hoedspruit

The 21 Rules of Hoedspruit

By SAPeople 28-11-22 16:39

Hollywood star Tom Cruise was a great visitor to Hoedspruit. For a start he knew how to wave hello! This, surprisingly, is not a friendly gesture that everyone descending on Hoedspruit seems to know. So with the current influx of city-goers seeking out the wild and wonderful splendour of life in safari country, it’s time […]

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