black hair dye South Africa

When white people use Inecto

By Andrea Zanin 16-01-24 21:02

There was only one proviso with Inecto—never ever spill it. Like, ever. On your face, on your clothing and especially not on your boyfriend’s parents’ cream lounge carpet.

Not just rugby

By Andrea Zanin 20-10-23 17:28

Jis, I miss home when the rugby’s on. It’s just not the same here in London. Today is Friday and I know the people back in SA will be rocking up to school and work in their bokke jerseys, and if they can’t afford one they’ll rummage for green or yellow, or a flag or something (anything!), to represent.

Springbok ad bloopers

WATCH – Springboks ad bloopers reel

By Mariette Adams 28-06-23 19:31

Check out this hilarious blooper reel as the Springboks trip over their words during the filming of South Africa’s official Rugby Championship and Rugby World Cup adverts. As the anticipation for the looming Rugby Championship and the Rugby World Cup starts to build, the Springboks are set to add to the excitement with two broadcast adverts for the two […]

Is the South African government a kakistocracy (real word!)?

Is the South African government a kakistocracy (real word!)? – WATCH

By Jenni Baxter 08-06-23 17:40

The guys at KFM have discovered a word that may just sum up the South African government more than most! Kakistocracy. It’s a real word apparently, of Greek origin, meaning “a government run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens”. The word is derived from the Greek kakistos (worst) and kratos (rule) with […]

Oprah Winfrey enjoys happiest Saturday night ever, watching Trevor Noah

Oprah Winfrey enjoys happiest Saturday night ever, watching Trevor Noah

By Jenni Baxter 05-06-23 12:25

One of the world’s most famous women, entrepreneur and TV presenter Oprah Winfrey has declared that South African comedian Trevor Noah provided her with her happiest Saturday night ever. Writing on social media, Oprah said: ”Can’t remember when I’ve had a happier Saturday night. Watching Trevor Noah at the Santa Barbara Bowl with Scott Sanders […]

That time the baboons ate our firelighters

By Andrea Zanin 23-05-23 21:11

We pile in the bakkie and hit the road to Kruger, stopping along the way to buy all our essentials – food (chips and rusks—the important stuff), firelighters for the braai, charcoal; the cooler box is in the back with meat and other bits and pieces in it. We’re ready. After some hours on the […]

If Trevor Noah can eat mopane worms…

By Andrea Zanin 09-05-23 17:49

Big, fat, yellow writhing blobs dropping off trees, carpeting the floor like a panoramic sea of black-speckled, custard-infused dog turd. Mopane trees…mopane worms. We were visiting my grandpa Ray at his plot in Ashburton, Natal. And it was raining caterpillars—thousands. No, millions. Look down and a worm could drop on your head, look up and you’d burst […]

Schalk Bezuidenhout

SA comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout loves bowling

By Hennely Nel 26-04-23 15:28

He might be best known for making audiences laugh with his comedy shows, but Schalk Bezuidenhout has a deep love for lawn bowling. Yes, bowls. And he’s pretty good; he even received an award recently. ALSO READ: Music Moguls: The top five wealthiest music stars in SA INSIDE SCHALK BEZUIDENHOUT’S LOVE OF BOWLS Schalk Bezuidenhout is […]

lions Kruger National Park

WATCH: Lion wakes up and gives men the fright of their lives

By Mimi Mfundisi 24-04-23 13:54

A video went viral after a lion woke up unexpectedly and gave a group of unsuspecting men a huge fright. Here is the video. WATCH: Lion wakes up and gives men the fright of their lives Photos: Video/Twitter A video of a group of men getting the fright of their lives when a lion unexpectedly […]

Heritage Day South Africa

Bladdy: South African slang word of the day

By Hennely Nel 21-04-23 13:08

With 11 official languages it is a surprise that the most commonly used language in South Africa is slang, it has its origins in different languages mainly Zulu, Xhosa, and Afrikaans which fall under the top 5 most spoken languages in South Africa. Slang sometimes referred to as ‘South Africanisms‘ borrows from a variety of South African […]

Eben Etzebeth Springboks Rugby World Cup 2023

Eben Etzebeth does Celine Dion: ‘My heart will go on’

By Mimi Mfundisi 20-04-23 17:22

Eben Etzebeth shared a wholesome post on social media about his teammate and close friend Siya Kolisi’s looming departure from the Sharks. Eben Etzebeth and Siya Kolisi happy to be Sharks players. Photo: Twitter. Towering lock Eben Etzebeth shared a wholesome post on social media with reference to his teammate and close friend Siya Kolisi’s […]

Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha made millions from construction company

Vusi Thanda: Tweeps on who should play Dr Nandipha’s father

By Mimi Mfundisi 19-04-23 16:26

‘Vey fitting’: Twitter users agreed that Dr Nandipha’s father should be played by Vusi Thanda in the Netflix documentary that they want. Tweeps had an idea of who Dr Nandipha’s father can be played by if a documentary Thabo Bester’s story would ever be made. Image via Twitter @prof_academia Twitter users came in numbers and […]

The license, the queue & the photocopy machine

By Andrea Zanin 11-04-23 22:59

If you’re over 60, on a Wednesday you have privilege of appointment to renew your driver’s license at the licensing department in Edenvale. My license was due to expire so I decided I would take up the offer… writes Clare Paterson. I devised the perfect plan… …the department opens at 9am and I had a […]

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