Thu, Dec 9, 2021

old south african tv ads

WATCH Funny, Weird and Old South African TV Adverts

A couple of old video compilations of funny old English and Afrikaans South African TV adverts have been going viral on Facebook and WhatsApp....
South African Charl Minnaar was Fined on Sunday in Croatia for Wearing a Fab Faf Speedo! Photo: Charl Minnaar

South African Fined in Croatia for Wearing Fab Faf Speedo!

We South Africans may be super proud of the 'Faf speedo', which Faf de Klerk made famous during the Rugby World Cup, but it turns...
Note Left by Firefighters on Car Seen in Cape Town Fire Video

Amazing Note Left by Firefighters on Car Seen in Cape Town...

Thousands of people watched a video of the Cape Town fire on Sunday that showed a white car parked in Table Mountain National Park,...
South African Spoof of Oprah Interview with Meghan Markle

WATCH South African Spoof of Oprah Interview with Meghan Markle

Across the world people have been divided in their views of the explosive Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which DStv...
loyiso gola on netflix

Loyiso Gola’s ‘Unlearning’ is Netflix’s First African Stand Up Comedy

The world needs a laugh right now, and Netflix has selected South Africa's Loyiso Gola to deliver just that. The sharp-witted comedian is back...
south-african-bernie-sanders sanders-meme 2

Bernie Sanders Memes With A South African Twist

South Africa has entered the Bernie Sanders meme world with some brilliant contributions. Tshwane resident Barbara Dannenhauer created this Bernie Sanders meme of the...
Musk v Bezos: real rivals or fake feud?

Elon Musk’s Reaction to Becoming World’s Richest Person is Classic

Since it was announced today, Thursday 7 Jan 2021, that South African expat Elon Musk has become the richest person in the world -...

WATCH Funny Video Captures Cops Chasing Surfer On South African Beach

You can take away South Africans' beaches and alcohol, but you can't take away their humour! As police clamp down on those not being...
Trump eviction comedy skit video

WATCH Trump Eviction Comedy Skit Referencing South Africa

One of the many comedy videos going viral at the moment is a skit of Donald Trump being evicted and referencing South African farmers. The...

SA Mom Hits Social Media Nail on Head: Stop Vilifying Celebs,...

Anyone following the Ellen Degeneres story? In short, our Be Kind hero was found to be lacking in leadership skills, and some staff outed...