Foreign Photographer’s Tragic Discovery During South African Safari

By SAPeople 01-05-18 16:34

Rupak Hattikudur moved to South Africa from India three years ago. In that time he has taken beautiful photographs of South Africa’s wildlife in the bush… BUT yesterday he witnessed the other side of what’s happening in the bush to our wildlife. The tragedy of poaching. This is his story… My mother and I woke […]


Why I Moved From the World’s Most Liveable City to Johannesburg

By Guest Contributor 14-09-17 11:19

“Why on earth would you do that?” It was the question that surprised me from many Australians who thought I was mad to move to South Africa… writes Ed Charles. After all, isn’t Australia full of South Africans trying to escape that terrible country (and crime-ridden Johannesburg in particular)? Well, not quite. But let’s rewind […]


Zanzibar Dreaming – A South African’s First Visit

By Marguerite Coetzee 31-12-20 20:08

Flying over the ocean blue to an island called Unguja, I imagined Zanzibar to be a stereotypical island paradise – bleached beaches, coconuts falling from palm trees, sickly sweet pineapple drinks with those unnecessary little umbrellas – but with the influence of Africa, slavery, and the spice route. Water like liquid sapphire Captures fragments of […]

union buildings, pretoria

‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – Pretoria Blues

By Chris Marais 01-11-15 20:01

It was May, 1976…and as a lowly young reporter for the Pretoria News, I discovered that Siberia comes in many forms. Because I had disgraced myself and gotten a TV review horribly wrong, I was assigned a new position in life: Magistrates Court reporter. The position was seen as the grubby, greasy little bottom rung in the […]

the journey man

‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – Bosman Bliss in the Bushveld

By Chris Marais 01-11-15 20:01

Groot Marico, 1979 – It’s a lovely Saturday out here in the Bushveld…I’m sitting under a fever tree on a farm in the Western Transvaal (now Northwest Province) talking to a Marico family and drinking their mampoer very slowly and, if I may say so, quite thoughtfully. It’s all so very Herman Charles. [The late […]


‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – We Remember Hillbrow

By Chris Marais 01-11-15 20:05

Hillbrow, Jo’burg’s inner city Tenderloin district, was never a nest of angels… In the late 1970s and 80s, it was the most cosmopolitan piece of real estate in South Africa. You had your excellent Hillbrow Records, your Mi-Vami shawarma place, Estoril Books, your globe-trotting tattoo artist down in the basement shopping area on Pretoria Street […]


SAReunited Farewell Messages

By SAPeople Contributor 15-07-15 23:42

The response to the closure of SAReunited’s social networking section has been incredible, and we are now doing our utmost to reintroduce some of those features – more announcements within the next few weeks. But for now – here are just some of the many emails you so kindly sent to us. To keep updated […]

flamenco dancing pix

Lee Schneider On Teaching Flamenco (Spanish Dancing)

By SAPeople 09-10-20 22:07

I taught flamenco (Spanish dancing) since 1995 at a studio in Houston… writes Lee Schneider. In 2003 I moved to the D.C. area and struggled to find a similar opportunity. My very large house had a huge basement with three unfinished rooms. One of those rooms was always considered as a potential dance studio. In […]

A Scatterling in California

By SAPeople 10-04-10 23:49

Submitted by Patricia Meyer As such a fan of Juluka, I like that sapeople’s newsletters calls us Scatterlings! You have to know that I need African music played loud in my car as I drive around beautiful California here – just to help me live outside of South Africa. One way to remind me who […]

No Wonder They Found Mischief

By SAPeople 05-03-10 20:13

by Allan Duff SOON AFTER arriving in South Africa as an immigrant I was sent to the judicial capital, the city of Bloemfontein, for a week’s business. I drove there, the driving being easy as South Africa had fast, open and well surfaced roads. Some 40 kilometres on the approach to the city the road […]

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