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‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – Pretoria Blues

By Chris Marais 01-11-15 20:01

It was May, 1976…and as a lowly young reporter for the Pretoria News, I discovered that Siberia comes in many forms. Because I had disgraced myself and gotten a TV review horribly wrong, I was assigned a new position in life: Magistrates Court reporter. The position was seen as the grubby, greasy little bottom rung in the […]

the journey man

‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – Bosman Bliss in the Bushveld

By Chris Marais 01-11-15 20:01

Groot Marico, 1979 – It’s a lovely Saturday out here in the Bushveld…I’m sitting under a fever tree on a farm in the Western Transvaal (now Northwest Province) talking to a Marico family and drinking their mampoer very slowly and, if I may say so, quite thoughtfully. It’s all so very Herman Charles. [The late […]


‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – We Remember Hillbrow

By Chris Marais 01-11-15 20:05

Hillbrow, Jo’burg’s inner city Tenderloin district, was never a nest of angels… In the late 1970s and 80s, it was the most cosmopolitan piece of real estate in South Africa. You had your excellent Hillbrow Records, your Mi-Vami shawarma place, Estoril Books, your globe-trotting tattoo artist down in the basement shopping area on Pretoria Street […]


SAReunited Farewell Messages

By SAPeople Contributor 15-07-15 23:42

The response to the closure of SAReunited’s social networking section has been incredible, and we are now doing our utmost to reintroduce some of those features – more announcements within the next few weeks. But for now – here are just some of the many emails you so kindly sent to us. To keep updated […]

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Lee Schneider On Teaching Flamenco (Spanish Dancing)

By SAPeople 09-10-20 22:07

I taught flamenco (Spanish dancing) since 1995 at a studio in Houston… writes Lee Schneider. In 2003 I moved to the D.C. area and struggled to find a similar opportunity. My very large house had a huge basement with three unfinished rooms. One of those rooms was always considered as a potential dance studio. In […]

A Scatterling in California

By SAPeople 10-04-10 23:49

Submitted by Patricia Meyer As such a fan of Juluka, I like that sapeople’s newsletters calls us Scatterlings! You have to know that I need African music played loud in my car as I drive around beautiful California here – just to help me live outside of South Africa. One way to remind me who […]

No Wonder They Found Mischief

By SAPeople 05-03-10 20:13

by Allan Duff SOON AFTER arriving in South Africa as an immigrant I was sent to the judicial capital, the city of Bloemfontein, for a week’s business. I drove there, the driving being easy as South Africa had fast, open and well surfaced roads. Some 40 kilometres on the approach to the city the road […]

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