Thu, Jan 27, 2022

Odette Warder

Sandton-born Odette Warder is a model turned actress who's currently carving an acting and film production career for herself in the USA. Odette grew...
Kimite Cancino Source: Facebook

Capetonian Kimi is one of the Coolest Kids on the Planet

While some of us wait to get nominated to do a good deed (like a #raknomination), there's a 17-year-old teenager in Cape Town who's...

This Week on Carte Blanche: Fish Poaching in Hangberg and Prescribed...

This week's episode of Carte Blanche, screened on Sunday in South Africa, is available to South Africans abroad from Tuesday 25th September 2018 -...

OneLocation CEO Steve Villiers

UK-born Steve Villiers (41) has various South African connections. He's married to a South African painter, has a child who was born in Cape...
Lisa Roberts

European Champ (from SA) Lisa Roberts (now WORLD champ!)

South African expat and triathlete Lisa Roberts recently won the European  Championships for her age group (running under the British banner). Lisa and her...

Business Coach Themi Stergianos

South African business coach Themi Stergianos (38) was born to be an entrepreneur. He has owned and operated over eight businesses including a restaurant,...

South African Writer-Artist Gela-Marie Enjoys International Success

It's been a year to the day since South African expat Gela-Marie Williams won the Finch Memoir Prize in her new homeland Australia for...

Interview with Sibongile Mondalamo

An sapeople interview with member Sibongile Greetar Mondalamo (23): So where do you live? Mafikeng Where do you wish you lived? Pretoria Proudest achievement? When i was awarded the best...

SAReunited co-founder Amanda Tsinonis

Amanda Tsinonis co-founded SAReunited seven years ago. Within weeks it became South Africa's largest social-networking site. She talks to us about nuns, plump purple figs and how to pick your battles. Read more...
Josie Field

Interview with Josie Field

Singer songwriter Josie Field has just launched her third album 1984; she's opened for James Blunt at the Dome in Jo'burg, Ziggy Marley in Soweto..and...